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PE Schedule Monday and Thursday

Monday/Wednesday = Bartholomew and Pungrchar

8:15-9:00 (most weeks)

Tuesday/Thursday = Carrillo and Morris/Ramseth

10:30 - 11:20 (most weeks)

Wear running shoes.

PE and bring a water bottle and hat.

Volunt ...more

Typing Practice Online


Typing practice is a life skill for your child and this program helps your student gain speed and accuracy. 

The username and password are on the front page of student's agenda. 


Click on Member Login in the top right corner of the screen.

Put your username in the User ID: field.

Put your password in the Password: field.

Click Login or hit Enter 

Supporting Academic Success


Encouraging your child to read is one of the best ways to support academic success in Third Grade. It's time for chapter books that are at your child's AR reading level.

In addition, ...more

Back to School Night is Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017

Parents, please be sure to complete the the Parent's Rights Handbook, Acceptable Use Policy and the Vista Handbook online prior to Back To School Night.  

Also, update the Aeries Portal and the health information.

Check out the Vista homepage for more information and links to these online forms.


Also, be sure to email your teacher from the email address you check often, so you may be added to the class email list.


Remember our commitment is to excellence and we believe in life long learning. 


3rd Grade


Please use these links below to e-mail the 3rd grade teachers.

Marge Bartholomew

Heather Carrillo

Christine Pungrchar

Emily Morris

Shelly Ramseth

Bartholomew, Marge Teacher
Carrillo, Heather Teacher
Morris, Emily Teacher
Pungrchar, Christine Teacher
Ramseth, Shelly Teacher

Welcome to Third Grade

Third Grade classrooms are:

Room 75 Mrs. Pungrchar

Room 74 Mrs. Bartholomew

Room 73 Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Borisov

Room 72 Mrs. Carrillo

In Third Grade each teacher is responsible for Reading, Writing, ...more

AR Points due per Quarter

AR point Goal:


10 AR point minimum each quarter or Individual Goals set by the teacherTeachers have books in our classroom for students to borrow and we will be going to the library quickly.  Students may also use the TumbleBooks link to read and listen to books.  The goal is to instill a love of reading and explore different genres. 


First Quarter  Oct. 6 2017

Second Quarter (First Semester) Dec. 15, 2017

Third Quarter March 9, 2018

Fourth Quarter (Second Semester) May 18, 2018


Students are encouraged to make individual goals:

-Challenge yourself and Set a goal to reach 50 or 100 AR points

-Exceed the point minimum of 10 points by earning 25 points

-Increase comprehension percentage

-Raise percentage of nonfiction books read

-Increase Average book level

-Happy Reading!






Waterfall Project: U.S. National Parks

Our next project will be to research US National Parks.

Here are some links to help.


US National Park Service:


Wikipedia: List of Parks


NationalPark List by state(58)

How many national parks in U.S.

More information about this project will be supplied by your teacher.

Look for the data collection worksheet to come home as homework this week.


<< >>

MilkyWay Over Zion National Park

MilkyWay Over Zion

Standards Based Report Card: the Why


Riddles and Jokes!

How does the ocean say good-bye?

What did one eye say to the other eye?

What goes up in the summer and down in the winter?

How does an elephant get down from the tree?

Look for answers on Mrs. Bartholomew's website.

Looking Forward to Third Grade

Below find a list of some of our activities.

Patriotic Program:

February 26th is the date for our patriotic program, "Salute to Our American Flag." It's a musical tribute to the history of our flag and the events that shaped the expansion of our country. Students ...more


Here are some links to the Audobon Society, so your student may find facts about the Puffins and other birds.

Audubon Society

Wild Bird Watching: Where bird watchers find ...more

Multiplication and division

What Time is It? It's multiplication &division time! Here is a web link to practice multiplication drills in a fun game format! Memorizing your facts gives you MATH POWER ...more

Chumash and Badger Claws

Native Americans of Ventura County

WEB links for Chumash Investigations

Students read Badger Claws, the story of a young Chumash boy who gets in trouble and must prove he deserves to be a brave. This book is a stepping stone to learning about the Native Americans of ...more

Field Trips

To be announced


Night Sky and Eclipse


What's up in the Sky? Prepare for the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st 9:00AM to 11:45AM

Moon: New Moon: August 21, 2017 Full Moon: September 6, 2017

Fall Constellations:

Eclipse Viewer

Do not look directly at the Sun, even during the eclipse.  

Create an Eclipse Viewer with a cereal box.  

Here is a link with directions on how to make a cereal box solar viewer. 

Science Project Info

Get ready for Science Fair 2017!  Be curious and think of questions to investigate.  More information is coming soon.

 In the mean time, Science Project information check the links below.  You will find project ideas, the scientific method, and an outline for the report. There are also guidelines for the presentation board and speaking rubrics. The most important thing about science projects is that students get to explore a topic, or science concept that interests them. Have fun and keep "sciencing."

Science Fair Information and Links



SpellingCity and Vocabulary Link

Dear Third Grade Parents,

Exciting news! We will be using VocabularySpellingCity in third grade. You can access VocabularySpellingCity by ...more

Social Studies

Project Based Learning

Create a town and choose a Mayor!

Sample Project Assignments

Bird Watching

Set up a birdwatching feeder/station in your own backyard to make obesrvations of birds that come. Record your information in journal form and be ready write a report and present the data to our class.

Go to Mrs. Bartholomew's page and download the Birdwatching Science Activity and instructions.

Happy sciencing!

Reflecting and Colored Light Practice Games See Mrs. B's page for link

Go to Mrs. B's page for a link or go to the school website under instructional links. Go to Foss Science, Third Grade, Light.

Today: 6/25/19