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Class Needs:

If you are able to donate, our class is in need of copy paper (pink and white) and contruction paper (all colors and sizes) THANK YOU!


Emily Morris' 3rd Grade

Celebrating our love of reading with book pillows!
Celebrating our love of reading with book pillows!
Apple Valley Days
Apple Valley Days


Students can access the account at home as well as school.  There are both fiction and non-fiction texts available, and AR points and the new lexile levels are noted for each book.

There are also quizzes and activities for each book.  You can search by CCSS standard and grade level to find specific content and there is a link to find content for thematic units.


user name: vistasimivalley

password: books


This is not a mandatory assignment or website. This is just added practice for your child to help gain speed and accuracy in their typing skills. 

The username and password are on the the yellow card which was stapled in the front of everyone's agenda. 


Click on Member Login in the top right corner of the screen.

Put your username in the User ID: field.

Put your password in the Password: field.

Click Login or hit Enter 

Current Assignments